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Posted on: February 20, 2009 7:32 pm
Edited on: February 24, 2009 11:30 pm

Bud Selig " The real shame on the game"

Bud Selig has the temerity to say that A-Fraud "shamed the game". This is the absolute height of hypocrisy. This is the guy who stood blindly as a bystander allowing this to fester in 1998 when it was widely speculated that steroids was a part of the game.

Rick Helling, a former 20 game winner, spoke numerous times about this at various union meetings. The MLBPA of course ignored his pleas because they didn't want to kill the golden goose. At least they could hide behind the excuse of "protecting" their players. This is of course untrue since the health and reputation of their players would later be sullied like never before.

This commissioner did nothing to stem the tide. He bristles at the recent criticism which was long overdue, cowardly saying the union would fight him tooth-and-nail and that prevented him from tougher measures. What a weak argument! Real leadership involves taking on those who are wrong-headed and doing what is right no matter what the obstacles are. He was too scared and lacked any moral imperative and integrity. He's a gutless fraud who only when consistently humiliated by the congress which threatened to shut down his game and impliment testing, then decided to be "proactive". Proactive? No, more like reactive. He has the gall to state he's done more with testing than anyone else. What? You've got to be kidding me! If he was left to his own devices, guys like Joey Cora would look like Hulk Hogan! You hear that brotha?

There are 103 more names on that "confidentiality" list. MLB should have a massive investigation to determine what MLB employee(s) and players(as has been levied by Radomski) gave away the information on A-Fraud. That lies at his feet since he's the head of MLB and it's offices. However, has he stepped up here? No, the coward issues a statement that A-Fraud has "shamed the game." How can he possibly make a statement like that given his background and culpability here? That's like Marv Albert speaking out against Charles Barkley. Marv, like Bud has no moral ground. He's as bad, if not a worse sinner.

I believe that Bud Selig is the worst commissioner in the history of MLB and IMHO all of N.American sports. He is 100% responsible through his complacency and ignorance for the steroid era and the absolute denigration of the 2 hallowed HR records at the hands of cheaters like Bonds. If A-Fraud breaks the record an even bigger and more exposed cheater would hold the mark. He can't feign ignorance. He's the commissioner. If he didn't know, he was more stupid than he looks. I find that next to impossible.

Selig already was responsible through his weakness, lack of diplomacy, intelligence and foresight for the elimination of the 1994 baseball season. No season in the history of baseball was ever lost and it came under his watch. He has also taken a once fun exhibition baseball game played at mid-season and made it the deciding factor in who gets home-field for the sports greatest event.

This cretin is also making 17 million a year to drag the sport through the mud on a yearly basis. Canceled seasons, steroids scandals and payrolls over 200 million have all come on his watch. A sport which once was America's game has become America's joke. It's spring training and all anyone is talking about is A-Fraud. Now, the Bonds trial is heating up. Another black eye on the 17 million dollar weasel. Next up, Selena Roberts expose. Dance around that, Buddy boy. If you can, join Dancing with the Stars.

Now Selig is talking of suspending A-Fraud. Well, why doesn't he just do the proper thing and suspend permanently the man( or whatever he is) who allowed this mess to happen and fester over the last decade? Why doesn't he just look in the mirror and say, I am to blame. Then hold a press conference and resign ASAP. No one would miss him expect those he's enabled. The sport would be stronger in one fell swoop. That would be the only honorable thing he's ever done as commissioner. Quit Bud and let a real leader and man take over. You're neither. You are a disgrace and a coward.

Well, I've said my peace here. I hope baseball in 2009 can be about what is on the field, not what went on in some bathroom or locker stall. Baseball will survive, but it should have never reached this point. One day when a real leader is running the sport, we'll truly know how bad Bud Selig was. I just hope that day is coming soon...   real soon.


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